Garth Ennis returns to Marvel for Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Red

Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Red #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The world of Marvel Zombies is returning to comics in a new anthology series headlined by legendary Punisher writer Garth Ennis, his first Marvel Comics work since 2018's The Platoon limited series.

The four-issue limited series, titled Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Blood, follows in the publisher's series of anthologies with art that only consists of the colors black, white, and red - usually with stories that play up the "Blood" part of the title.

In this case, the debut issue of Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Blood features tales of heroes such as Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and Daredevil all dealing with bloodthirsty, undead incarnations of other Marvel characters.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

First up, Ennis writes the Daredevil story alongside artist Rachel Stott, which focuses on Matt Murdock himself as a zombie as an "old accomplice" shows up to "put him out of his misery." We're guessing that "old accomplice" could be none other than Frank Castle, given Ennis is writing the story.

Then there's a story of Spider-Man taking on zombified versions of his many dead loved ones, written by Alex Segura, with art from Javi Fernández. 

And finally, there's a new Moon Knight story from writer Ashley Allen, making her Marvel Comics debut, with art from Justin Mason. The story shows how Khonshu reacts when Moon Knight's world is overcome with zombies.

Marvel Zombies: Black, White, & Red #1 goes on sale October 25 - just in time for Halloween on October 31 - with a cover by Gabriele Dell'otto, seen above.

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