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Gangs of London getting film adaptation (finally!....?)

Gangs of London, better known as "that GTA clone you picked up for the PSP back in 2006 because there wasn't much else," is on track to becoming a feature film. Award winning British director Menhaj Huda announced this week that he had acquired the rights to Team Soho's moderately successful urban crime title, and will be developing the film in collaboration with Pulse Films and Foton Films. Uh … yay?

"We are very excited about securing such a great piece of IP in Gangs of London for development into a feature film," said Thomas Benski, Pulse Films's managing director, insisting, "The popularity of the game means that there is already a strong fan base, and the content lends itself to a fantastic story on screen."

"Gangs of London was an iconic game which both Thomas and I were huge fans of - bringing it to the big screen is going to be a massively exciting task," added Huda, whose 2006 film about London youths, Kidulthood, earned him a British Independent Film award.

The big screen adaptation will follow a group of characters and gangs embroiled in a deadly cat and mouse game on the streets of London. We envision it looking something like this:

[Source: Digital Spy]

May 24, 2011

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