Gaming's most ludicrous storylines

ETERNAL SONATA | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Roleplaying games regularly visit worlds of fantasy, but Eternal Sonata is the only game we know based on a fantasy world supposedly created by a famous real-world composer in the moments before his death.

The short version
19th Century piano composer Frederic Chopin is dying of tuberculosis. In his final hours, he conceives of a fantastical land where himself and other characters with terminal illnesses posses powers of sorcery.

Flitting in and out between his deathbed and his dreamworld, Chopin gathers a party of fellow sufferers together. In a battle between the vying political forces of Baroque and Forte, Chopin and his gang of sickly magicians must combat the evil Count Waltz, and ensure peace triumphs in Chopin's fairyland. Is it just fantasy? Or could there be more to this wondrous world?

The short version, shortened
Dying composer has fevered dream, inspired by his own life and passion for music. Dies.

This Suda 51-directed survival horror posed a nightmarish adventure with a difference - you spent the whole time holding a camera, and never touched a weapon.

The short version
In the fictional city of Michigan, an unnatural fog hangs ominously overhead. Where has it come from? As a news cameraman with Zaka TV, you're given the dubious honour of scoring a scoop on the mysterious fog, and exposing the events behind the disappearance of your 'sexy news team', the corpses littering the streets and the appearance of vicious monsters that threaten to murder you and your trio of impossibly pretty (and short-hemmed) reporters. Can you survive the horror, while filming the explosive truth for the public, and sneak in a few clips of the presenter's arse?

The short version, shortened
Zombie apocalypse strikes city. Fight against the terror by filming up your reporter's skirt.

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