GamesRadar Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007

Dec 7, 2007

Ah, the holidays. Whether you celebrate with a tree, a manger, a dradle, kinara candles or a Festivus pole, you can be pretty sure of two things. One: You're going to have to buy stuff for other people whether you like them or not. And two: it's not a total waste because you're going to get some loot in return as well.

This process isn't inherently right or wrong, but we all know it has the potential to be a whole lot of either. So, GamesRadar is here to help you make sure you fall on the right side of that equation. Knowing what to put on your own list will help you right now, and knowing what to get for the other gamers in your life? That can reap payback benefits for years to come.

We'll start with the Nintendo Wii, which has been the hottest system this year and looks to remain that way as long as it enables everyone from soccer moms to grandparents to feel remotely as trendy, modern, and tech-saavy as their kids. Sadly, there's a metric crapton of terrible games for the Wii. But there are also a small handful that truly rock. Thus, no other list in this feature is so easy to make, yet so important to have.

Above: Super Mario Galaxy

Here's the best game...

...So that everyone can jump in: Guitar Hero III
You know what it takes to start loving Guitar Hero III? The ability to tell red, yellow, blue, green and orange apart from one another. That is all. Once you can do that, you can strap on a bitchin' six-string and charm an entire stadium of people into worshipping your every move. Sound good? Yes, yes it does.

Second option: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2
When mini-games are wacky, twisted and maybe a little sadistic, it makes it more fun for everyone.

...In case you've been in a coma and missed this whole year: Super Mario Galaxy
Here's the scenario: the most physically athletic chubby plumber in history gets all interstellar, zipping from one planet to the next stomping on plant monsters, grabbing stars, and capturing space rabbits. And also our newly-warmed hearts. Don't quibble; just love it.

Second option: Metroid Prime 3
We complain a lot about the Wii controls, but they work perfectly here. Not much evolution from the first two Primes, but a very solid first-person shooter nonetheless.

...For the online obsessed: Medal of Honor Heroes 2
While we're all blathering on about Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this WWII blaster shows up with shooterific controls and support for 32 players. It's like being unexpectedly shot in the face, but with yummy meatballs and sauce instead of searing, brain-destroying hot lead.

Second option: Mario Strikers Charged
You know what makes arcade-style soccer better? Online play and the ability to catch on fire. Trust us.