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GamesRadar Cheats, Guides and Walkthroughs iPhone app now available! (It's free!)

Know what you don't have enough of? Glyphs (opens in new tab), son! I heard your neighbor has way more than you. You could probably also stand to have a few more feathers (opens in new tab) - just sayin' - and no one can have too many pigeons (opens in new tab), pieces of intel (opens in new tab), or snow globes (opens in new tab)! Hey man, you've worked hard - you deserve it! And a little more respect from the neighborhood would be nice, too, wouldn't it?

So get the freeGamesRadar Cheats, Guides, and Walkthroughs app (opens in new tab) for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch now!

Above: 5 out of 5 doctors! (Yes, all of them!)

GamesRadar has been helping you (opens in new tab) collect things, beat things, solve things, and find cheats for a while now, but alas - what if that cumbersome laptop of yours is just out of reach? What if you need to access GR's wide selection natural game enhancement supplements without losing your perfectly-indented spot on the couch!? ENTER RADARVATION ("radar" + "innovation," isn't that clever?).

With our ferociously new, easy-to-use iOS app, you can access nearly 60,000 strategy guides, mission-by-mission breakdowns, walkthroughs and cheats for over 8,600 games, without ever having to move more than one arm! And when you've acquired all the collectables you've ever wanted, and beaten all the levels that once taunted you, you'll feel an awful lot like you do after you've finished moving your arm for a certain other purpose.*

Above: It 'aint about screen size, it's about the motion of your supination

To download GamesRadar's revolutionary new app, go to the iTunes Store with the help of this conveniently-placed link (opens in new tab), or just search for "gamesradar" in the App Store - remember, it's free!

Want to give us feedback on the app? Report bugs? That kind of thing and stuff? Comment here or inthe forum thread.

*Italicized innuendo not reviewed by the FDA.

Jan 13, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer