Stardew Valley creator says he's "doing everything within my power" to get update 1.6 out for console and mobile players, and a new PC patch is coming too

Stardew Valley
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Yes, Stardew Valley 1.6 is still headed to console and mobile players, and creator Eric Barone is well aware you're "eager" to play it. In the latest production update, Barone said he's "doing everything within my power to have the ports ready as soon as possible," though an exact release date still eludes us. 

"The ports require extra work beyond the PC version," Barone adds. "There is also another patch for PC underway which is mainly some bug fixes." 

Originally released in mid-March, Stardew Valley 1.6 introduced hundreds of changes and several major features, from new NPCs to collectibles, crops, and pets. The full patch notes are absolutely massive, and have only grown since through a series of follow-up patches fine-tuning a few things and ironing out some bugs. It sounds like the next PC patch will be more of the same. 

Update 1.6.3, for example, brought a mix of bug fixes and quality-of-life upgrades – good news overall, especially if you like moss. Update 1.6.4 packed in "a few goodies" like more mine layouts, fish frenzies, a special cutscene for neighbor families, balance changes, and dozens of finer points. 

More recently, Barone rushed out an "emergency" fix to a problem spotted in late April, which could cause a crash if NPCs "make it to the island resort changing rooms." That brought us to 1.6.8, and no, things won't necessarily roll over into 1.7 even if patches keep up this pace. 

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