Bungie heard the feedback on your favorite activities, so Destiny 2 will be "building on the Coils and the Onslaughts" going forward

Destiny 2 Onslaught
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Destiny 2 got true loot rain in the beloved Coil activity, and back in January Bungie said it was prepared to make it rain again. Speaking with Edge magazine in a new feature on the making of The Final Shape and the future of Destiny 2, Bungie stresses how positive feedback to activities like the Coil and Onslaught has informed its plans.


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"Part of year 10 is making sure we give a lot of focus to these individual Acts so you know exactly where to go, exactly what to do when you're chasing this loot," says assistant game director Robbie Stevens. "We have a lot of ways that we're considering doing this. We have a lot of ways we've done it in the past, and we're going to be blending those over the next year or so, but honestly a lot of it is just coming down to a lot of stuff coming in year 10 first. A lot of it is building on the Coils and the Onslaughts."

After its introduction in the Into the Light update, Onslaught has been preserved through the Vanguard playlist. Stevens said Destiny 2 will "build upon" Onslaught going forward, and while the Coil has rotated out of the game with other seasonal content, its ideas and successes, especially that roguelike feel and variation, will live on as well. 

"Some of the thinking with some of the roguelikes and some of the bins that you could think of for survival or extraction games or things like that is: what are those different styles of stakes that you can apply to these different activity types?" Stevens says. "How can we build an activity type that actually can be longer than the traditional Strike or Battleground? How can we change the things we're building to react to players saying, 'We want to see y'all really mix the pot on what Destiny could be'?"

Destiny 2 is getting a new Exotic mission in a few months, and Bungie says "it is one of the biggest we've ever built."

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