To prepare for Final Fantasy 14's first new saga in over 10 years with Dawntrail, Yoshi-P says you'll want to finish one of the MMO's best-ever raid series'

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Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki 'Yoshi-P' Yoshida says that to prepare for Dawntrail, you should complete one specific Raid series and remember the names of 14 individuals.

As the video below recalls, Yoshida recently spoke to media and influencers in preparation for Final Fantasy 14's Dawntrail expansion. When asked how best to prepare for the forthcoming expansion, Yoshida says that you should first have completed the 'Myths of the Realm' Raid series and, secondly, remember everyone in the Convocation of the Fourteen.

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It's a pretty cryptic answer from the director. The Myths of the Realm Raid series is by far and away some of the very best stuff in Final Fantasy 14, raid series or otherwise, so I'd be pretty shocked if any players looking forward to Dawntrail and wondering how to prepare had yet to fully complete the raid series itself.

Otherwise, the answer about the Convocation of the Fourteen is intriguing. As this Reddit comment breaks down, we know the whereabouts of the vast majority of the members, with many having died, including Elidibus, Emet-Selch, Lahabrea, and Fandaniel, and others like Pashtarot and Halmarut having their whereabouts currently unknown.

All things told, Gaia and Azem are the only members of the Convocation of the Fourteen truly still at play in Final Fantasy 14. The former is currently off adventuring with Ryne in the First, and the latter is - wouldn't you know it - us! There are also two wild cards at play - Emerololth, who may or may not be dead, and Altima, whose body, but not spirit, might have died.

So there's still a bit of mystery surrounding the fates of two Convocation members, while two more are undoubtedly alive. If Yoshida's comments are to be taken at face value, then perhaps Pashtarot and Halmarut could factor into Dawntrail somehow, and even the mysteries surrounding Emerololth and Altima could even be resolved.

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