Ahead of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, you can get the entire RPG trilogy for just $10 thanks to this Steam sale

If Dragon Age: The Veilguard has piqued your curiosity about BioWare's beloved fantasy RPG series, there's now a very cheap way in thanks to a Steam franchise sale with some steep discounts.

The entire Dragon Age trilogy is currently 90% off on Steam. That brings Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 down to $3 each, and Dragon Age Inquisition down to just $4 - that's $10 altogether if you want to pick up the entire series. Each of the three games is bundled with its respective DLC packs, so you'll be getting the complete experience with everything included. The discounts last until June 27.

There's plenty of continuity between the trilogy - you can even import your saves from game to game to see your choices reflected Mass Effect-style - but all three games offer vastly different gameplay experiences and storytelling tones. Origins is a dark fantasy epic with Baldur's Gate 3-style traditional CRPG stylings, 2 is more of a rollicking adventure with a bigger emphasis on action combat, and Inquisition feels much more like a modern open-world RPG in a high fantasy setting.

Playing through the entire trilogy ahead of The Veilguard's launch later this year will be a massive time investment, since these games can range anywhere from 30 to 100 hours apiece. If you want to skip ahead a little bit, jumping straight into Inquisition is a viable option. You'll be missing out on some lore and character backstory, but Inquisition's overall plot is largely standalone, and will set you up nicely for the events at the start of The Veilguard.

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Dustin Bailey
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