After 13 years stuck in Japan, the lost Ace Attorney spin-off is finally launching in English as part of the Investigations Collection this September

Ace Attorney Investigations Collection screenshot showing Miles Edgeworth, a man with lengthy graying hair, a ruffle white shirt, and red suit jacket
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Today's Nintendo Direct has proven to be one of this summer's gaming highlights, featuring all sorts of big reveals including that of the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection.

The Ace Attorney Investigations Collection offers an exciting bundle containing two remastered editions of the series' Miles Edgeworth-focused spin-offs - including the long-awaited debut of a fully translated, officially localized release of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit. The spin-off sequel launched in Japan back in 2011 for the Nintendo DS and later in 2017 for Android and iOS, but never made it overseas until now.

In both of the Investigations Collection's titles, players follow prosecutor Miles Edgeworth as he investigates various cases while experiencing two different game phases: one in which Miles searches crime scenes for evidence and talks to different witnesses, and another "rebuttal" portion in which he attempts to find contradictions in testimonies with the help of proof gathered during the first phase.

Ace Attorney Investigations Collection - Reveal Trailer - YouTube Ace Attorney Investigations Collection - Reveal Trailer - YouTube
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While the second entry from the Edgeworth spin-off duo wasn't localized for over a decade despite being positively received by the lucky fans with access to it, various threads online and fan translations throughout the years have showcased just how interested overseas Ace Attorney players are in Prosecutor's Gambit - and Capcom has paid attention. 

Players can finally experience the full Ace Attorney saga when the Investigations Collection drops this year on September 6. The remastered bundle features the choice to swap between a revamped visual style and the games' original pixel art as well as unspecified "bonus features." Pre-orders are open now via Capcom, and as a bonus fans can snag an extra five arranged music tracks for use in-game.

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