Mario & Luigi: Brothership is the first new entry in the series in almost 9 years, and it boasts "evolved bros moves"

Mario & Luigi: Brothership
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is a brand new RPG in the series, and it's out later this year on November 7.

Revealed earlier today during the Nintendo Direct, Mario & Luigi: Brothership is the first new entry in the Mario & Luigi series in almost 9 years. After all that time, there's not too long to wait until the next game rolls around, because Brothership is out for the Nintendo Switch later this year on November 7.

This is an adventure that takes place over "seafaring islands," as Nintendo Direct host Shinya Takahashi put it. The gameplay trailer for Mario & Luigi: Brothership showed the dynamic duo hopping over various mysterious islands throughout a vast sea, so it looks like there'll be a lot of places to explore.

The announcement trailer for Mario & Luigi: Brothership was also rife with various combat moves. These were "evolved bros moves," as Takahashi put it, and they certainly look evolved - some featured Mario and Luigi teaming up for huge attacks by pressing the right buttons at the correct times, while others just featured a plain old bonk over the head with a massive hammer.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is one new Nintendo exclusive later this year, and that's going to do a lot for the console as it enters what could very well be the final year or so of its lifecycle. Nintendo didn't have a lot of first-party exclusives lined up before this showcase, but Mario & Luigi: Brothership proves there still a little bit left in the tank.

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