This whimsical new action RPG from the mastermind producer behind Rune Factory and Story of Seasons is finally leaving Japan, and I can't wait

Elrentaros Wanderings screenshot showing two different characters, the male and female protagonist options
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Following a Japan-exclusive release of action RPG Rear Sekai last year, Rune Factory studio Hakama is now launching its game globally as Elrentaros Wanderings.

Headed by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, a former Story of Seasons producer and the Rune Factory creator himself, Hakama was founded in 2018. Since then, the team of Marvelous masterminds has released Rune Factory 4 Special, Rune Factory 5, Worth Life, and, in 2023, Rear Sekai. Since its initial launch in Japan, prospective Rear Sekai players overseas have been waiting for word on English localization or a Western release - and it has arrived.

Redubbed Elrentaros Wanderings for its upcoming western debut, the enchanting RPG feels like an "isekai" of sorts - meaning that it follows a protagonist as they're transported from one world to another. Primarily set within a remote town known as Elrentaros, the game sees its main character, who in typical Rune Factory fashion can be either male or female, work to uncover the secrets of two different dimensions while battling, building relationships, and traversing challenging dungeons.

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While Hakama and Hashimoto are known for their work on some of the best farming games, Elrentaros Wanderings leans into its identity as an action RPG more than anything else. The art certainly delivers some cozy vibes, though, with cute characters and vibrant colors. Much like in both Rune Factory and Story of Seasons titles, the new game also sounds like it may include romance (or something close to it) with Hakama saying that relationships can become "more intimate" with players able to invite townsfolk "over for a meal" or to "visit your tent."

If you're a Hakama stan yourself, you can wishlist Elrentaros Wanderings on Steam right now or wait to snag it for the Nintendo Switch when it releases outside of Japan this summer on August 16. The game is set to cost $39.99, but you can opt to snag a more expensive Collector's Edition pre-order immediately via Red Art Games for some extra goodies, too, instead. Collector's Edition copies will arrive a bit later in the fall on October 11.

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