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Games that really wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger as their hero

Navy Moves | 1989

Would a flame thrower really be any use to a man that seems to be planning on spending a lot of time sub-aquatic? I doubt it. Either way, he definitely looks a lot like Commando Arnie.

Contra | 1987

Predator the movie and Contra the game both came out in 1987. Maybe the box art guy at Konami didn’t think anyone would notice.

A bunch of games that took a fancy to Arnie's Conan | Various

While the shades, staggeringly large muscles, headband, love of guns, flat-top and smudgy make-up are undoubtedly some of the most borrowed iconic Schwarzenegger imagery, it's probably Arnie's Conan that inspired the most box-art and character nods to the big sweaty Austrian beefcake. This is Arnie in Barbarian pose:

And these are some of the games that remind me a lot of Arnie in Barbarian pose:

I'm glad Schwarzenegger was big in the 80s. Games would have sucked if 70% of the game characters were 'loosely based' on Michael J Fox and Patrick Swayze.

May 11, 2010