Watch us play (and WIN) a round of Domination on the Black Ops 3 beta

I've only played a couple of hours of Black Ops 3's beta so I've not had a chance to form much of an opinion yet. I stopped last night because I locked up trying to decide on using an unlock token on a new gun or character. I just couldn't choose so I did something else. Far less stressful.

My quick take on it though is that the combat is a lot like Titanfall thanks to that jet-assisted wall running, and there are enough tweaks to feel like a freshen up. There's less of a spawn-die cycle of sudden surprise deaths and more of a back and forth in combat. Not sure about what amounts to each character basically having a cheat move or weapon though. The hand cannon revolver and lightening gun can both do one, for example.

The video below's from JJ who played a fair bit last night and shows a full Domination match on the Hunted map. His hot take largely amounts to 'it's not Destiny'.

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