GameGuard keeps your system safe and your framerate high

This happens more often than we would like, and - in the past - has given us only two options. Either keep the virus protection running and risk this happening again, or shut the virus protection down and leave ourselves atthe mercy of the internet.

No more, says Michael Epstein of Rude Gameware. "Whether it's carrying out a stealth campaign mission or taking out a zombie onslaught with your buddies online, no one wants a pop-up from their virus software to suddenly call a halt to the action. Too many gamers have to disable anti-virus software just to play, but that raises the risk for viruses or malware to sneak inside your system and then it's 'game over.'"

GameGuard isdesigned specifically with gamers in mind. It provides real-time monitoring and automatic updating from virus and malware databases to protect systems from online threats such as rootkits and spyware, but is especially optimized for low resource loads for higher game framerates, and itwill block any system generated pop-ups or user requests during gameplay.

Above: Now is not a good time, Symantec

GameGuard also automatically secures the user’s internet connection with a two-way firewall and WiFi monitor, but is designed to accept the required connections necessary for internet or LAN play. Furthermore, this protection extends beyond just gaming to protect the user’s online identity whenever he’s just browsing the web between deathmatch sessions. It protects credit card, and e-mail information, so one can shop and browse at ease.

Sounds good to us, but be warned: this is not to be confused with theproblem riddledGameGuard from nProtect. We also could not find any consumer reports for Rude Gameware’s GameGuard, and you should know we haven't tested it. Good idea?Yes. Does it work? Maybe!

Choose wisely. If you are inclined to get GameGuard, you can get it for $29.95here.

Nov 11, 2010