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Game music of the day: Uncharted 2

Game: Uncharted 2
Song: Nate’s Theme 2.0
Composer: Greg Edmonson

Above: "Nate's Theme 2.0" or "Menu Theme" if you prefer

I love, love, LOVE the opening of the Uncharted games. Even though they’re both largely the same tune, I’m singling out Uncharted 2’s because it’s a just a tad more subdued than "Nate’s Theme 1.0." A lot of game composers get a hold of an actual orchestra and just go apeshit with blaring trumpets and bass drums, as if everyminor crescendo moment were worhty of a Hans Zimmer March into Mordor. Yet, there’s evident restraint throughout both Uncharted’s soundtracks, most noticeably in "Nate’s Theme 2.0."

Above: Also, scoring Cop Rock was one of Edmonson's first gigs!

More interestingly for nerds like me, Uncharted composer Greg Edmonson also scored Firefly! If you don’t think that’s important, know this: Naughty Dog used some of the cuts from Joss Whedon’s late sci-fi western as a temporary score while developing the Uncharted and just said, “Screw it! Let’s hire this guy.” Don’t know about you, but I love it when two of my favorite things in the universe come together for any reason. Oh, and since I forgotto make with the funny in this article, here ya go:

Above: LOL More like "Drake's Misfortune" *rimshot* from ourOne Letter Off Gamesfeature

Jul 13, 2010

Overworld Theme by Kondo, Minegishi, Tominaga and Ota

Aquatic Ruin Zone by Masato Nakamura

To Far Away Times by Yasunori Mitsuda