Game music of the day: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Song: Overworld Theme

Composer: Kondo, Minegishi, Tominaga and Ota

Above: Overworld theme from Spirit Tracks

You'd be forgiven for passing over Spirit Tracks. The touch-screen-only controls that turned a lot of people away from Phantom Hourglass return in full force, plus there's the whole "Link driving a magic train" thing. But, as the two million people who bought it know, there are several worthwhile reasons to see this one through to the end. And as you embark on this 15-20 hour adventure, one song will drill its way into your brain and come to summarize the entire experience.

Obviously the song in question is the Overworld theme playing above. Its rousing flute intro leads directly into a charging, full-speed-ahead overture that encapsulates the energy and spirit (no puns here) of a steam-powered Link. The Overworld theme is distinctly reminiscent of both Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass' sailing tune, which I'm sure is an intentional homage to Spirit Tracks' two storyline predecessors. No matter how many times I had to climb aboard and chug across the landscape, this song always jolted me back into an adventuresome mindset.

This song typically plays in various fields and overworld areas like towns and other small stops along the tracks. This has much more of a Celtic, Lord of the Rings feel to it, which seems appropriate given Link's green tunic and the general swords 'n' monsters gameplay. Despite its slower pace, the richness is still there,which helps keep you smothered in the Zelda atmosphere.

So yeah, if you skipped this one, reconsider. I recently finished it and felt compelled to share the Overworld theme, hoping it could persuade you to choo-choo-choose Spirit Tracks in the future (one pun!).

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