Game music of the day: Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Anamanaguchi!)

Game: Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Song: Anthem
Composer: Anamanaguchi

Above: Anthem from Scott Pilgrim

In one of the smartest community-facing moves of all time, Ubisoft tapped glitch-rockersAnamanaguchito score its Scott Pilgrim tie-in game. If you listen toTalkRadar, you know we love the film. If you read the gamereview, you know we're fond of it too. Now, let us say that amidst all our love for everything Pilgrim, the newly released soundtrack to the XBLA/PSN game may just be our favorite-favorite.

Above is the game's main theme, which in true 'guchi style is loaded with the past, present and future. Their music combines everything we loved about the sound of an NES with modern day mixing software and solid guitars to create something that sounds like it's from the year 3000. So god damn good.

Show some love bypicking the albumup on Amazon (DRM-free MP3s, people!) for a mere $10. Why should you, other than the music kicks all known asses? To send a message to Ubi and other publishers that we like when they acknowledge the community and actually react to what we read/listen to/have to say. Get on it!

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