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Game music of the day: Godzilla

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April 1, 2010

Game: Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

Song: Planet Earth

Composer: Literally unknown

Above: "Planet Earth" from Godzilla: Monster of Monsters

While GR editor Chris Antista was working on his"100 Retro iPhone Wallpapers"article, he asked me if there were any NES games that still needed representation. After a bit of thought, we landed on Godzilla, one of my favorite childhood games that actually turns out to be a bit shit in 2010. However, the music is strong as ever, as evidenced by today's track.

There music has no direct connection to Godzilla or references to any classic ToHo themes, it's just a great piece of music that kicks off the whole adventure. Every monster, from Godzilla to Gigan to Baragon has its own theme, making this one of the earliest NES titles with a large soundtrack.

That's the original theme from the 1954 film. As you can hear, there's no connection to the game at all, though it's still a fantastic piece of music. Chances are you may know the tune fromPharoahe Monch'ssong "Simon Says." Or maybe not!

"Title screen" by Yasuaki Fujita

"Mind's Eye" by Howe, Lindsay, Saville and Hodgson

"Stickerbrush Symphony" by David Wise