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Game music of the day: Donkey Kong Country 2

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March 17, 2010

Game: Donkey Kong Country 2

Song: Stickerbrush Symphony

Composer: David Wise

Above: "Stickerbrush Sympony" from DKC2

David Wise was, for all intents and purposes, the music man at Rare for more than two decades. Odds are you know and love not one, but dozens of tracks brought into existence by this talented composer; he's responsible for Donkey Kong Country (series), Wizards & Warriors (series), RC Pro-Am, Battletoads, Starfox Adventures and the NES conversion of Marble Madness among many, many others.

Wise has said DKC2 falls in his "experimental Paris phase," and there's definitely something about Stickerbrush that makes us picture the regal City of Light overrun with sticky, itchy, scratchy brambles. The mood is right in between somber and inspirational, as if it's calling us to action but we're too caught up in thought to comply. Of course, in-game it's just background music for abarrel obstacle course.

Above you'll find the "illegal" remix of Stickerbrush from Team Genius, which incorporates some salty lyrics about how theylike to play.If you'd prefer something much more elaborate (like say, the entire game's soundtrack), definitely check out OverClocked ReMix's "Serious Monkey Business" remix album - complete with a remix from David Wise himself!

The best part?It's completely free, so you have next to no excuse for sitting this one out.

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