Game music of the day compendinarium

Title Screen by David Wise

Instructor Mooselini's RAP by Matsuura

Running around the city by Kazuo Sawa

Welcome by Whittaker, Howlett and Henderson

Ending theme by Hajime Hirasawa

Purple Coins theme by Koji Kondo

His Name Was King by Luis Bacalov

Theme of Laura by Akira Yamaoka

Los Angeles theme by Geary and Turner

Blue Blue Moon by Yuzo Koshiro

Launch by Tommy Tallarico

Everyone Says Hi by David Bowie

Green Garden by Akifumi Tada

Fly Me to the Moon (Climax Mix) by Yamaguchi

Title Screen by Tim and Geoff Follin

Aquatic Ambience by David Wise

Title Screen by Shotaro Sasaki

Town Where the Bells Chime by Ken Nakagawa

Face-shredding tunes from Frykman and Strong

Level 2 by Tim Follin

APRIL 2010

Extreme Outlaw by Tenpei Sato

Sakura's Theme by Yamamoto and Nishigaki

Highly catchy electronic tunes from Biggin and Phelan

Space Station by Carl Larsson

Credits music by Shimomura, Abe and Lyla

Final Boss by Marumo, Kodaka and Hara

Face-melting guitars by Miyashita

Main theme by Fujita and Tamiya

Battle with the Four Fiends by Uematsu

Go Straight by Yuzo Koshiro

Forest Falls by Chris J Hampton

Why do humans want sex with cats?

Reach Out to the Truth by Shoji Meguro

Versus Mode by Nagao, Tsukamoto and Hikichi

Prologue by Adachi and Kuduo

Two songs that are great, I promise

The Advantage, Metroid Metal, NESkimos and more

A selection of songs from this classy group

Three Castlevania tracks

Time's Scar by Yasunori Mitsuda

Planet Earth by an unknown artist

MARCH 2010

Title Screen by Yasuaki Fujita

The King of Speed by Namiki and Takenobu

Pulse de Chocobo by Masashi Hamauzu

Sonic Spinball, Cruis'n USA and Freaky Flyers

Mind's Eye by Howe, Lindsay, Saville and Hodgson

Back to the Old Temple by Tom Salta

Black Hole Power by Yoshito Hirano

Control Center by Norgate, Kirkhope and Beanland

Scrap Brain Zone by Masato Nakamura

Tal Tal Heights by Totaka, Ishikawa and Hamano

Stickerbrush Symphony by David Wise

Brett Elston

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