Game music of the day: Greg Norman's Golf Power

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April 8, 2010

Game: Golf Power

Song: Title screen

Composer: Unclear, but let's say James Hearn or Simon Blake

Wait don't leave! I completely promise this music is worth your while. Assuming you love chiptunes-style tracks with no words, and don't mind that they come from an obscure (i.e. shitty) NES golf game.

For whatever reason, thisTitle Screen song makes me sad. It's somber while still upbeat, perhaps narrating a man walking down the street lost in thought, wondering about the poor decisions in his life. He's got his hands in his pockets, absent mindedly looking into the windows of street shops, hoping that everything's going to turn around. Then he grins, which is all he can muster, and walks on. How the HELL I get that out of this song is beyond me.

Above: Would you like to play again? You have selected,"No"

Here's the other song from Golf Power. As in the only other song in the game, both of which are easily skipped. It blows my mind that someone wrote two two-minute songs that were placed in the most ephemeral of locations - the title screen and the options screen. The only way I even know these songs exist is from my days spent ripping NES songs with a friend. We nearly passed over Golf Power because, well, who cares, right? Good thing we checked it out, because I effing love these songs.

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Tal TalMountain Rangeby Totaka, Ishikawa and Hamano

Pulse de Chocobo by Hamauzu

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