Game music of the day: Twisted Metal 2

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May 18, 2010

Game: Twisted Metal 2

Song: Los Angeles Theme

Composer: Sandra Geary and Scott Turner

Above: Los Angeles Theme from Twisted Metal 2

When Sony entered the videogame race, I frequently heard people wonder aloud what kind of franchises it would tie up for the PlayStation. With no Mario, no Sonic, no exclusive, long-lived characters to exploit, what would lure us in over and over? For the first few years, Twisted Metal was that dangling carrot. Specifically part two, which improved on the semi-busted original with more vehicular violence and an even crunchier soundtrack.

The LA theme is actually the first level in this globetrotting tour of destruction. It serves as the perfect primer for not just the opening shots, but the mood of the entire game. Something about the slow open, with just the sound of squealing tires before the main tune kicks in always got the room pumped. Still love listening to it to this day.

Each level took place in a different country, though Paris is arguably themost famousof all Twisted Metal arenas. I'd like to think this is partly because of the rockin' version of Frere Jacques heard above.

So what's up with Twisted Metal? Why has it been wholly absent this entire console generation? Despiteongoing rumorsthat David "God of War" Jaffe is working on a PS3 edition, the dev insistshe hasnothing to do with itand not to expect an announcement this year. One day...

Chillaxin' beats from Yuzo Koshiro

Aquatic Ambience from David Wise

Title screen from Yasuaki Fujita

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