The greatest multiplayer maps of all time

Now that the veneer of freshness is drying off of our copies of Modern Warfare 2, we can fully devote ourselves to complaining about the lack of dedicated servers, and just how much the maps suck because our piss poor ranking certainly isn’t due to a lack of practice and the statistical disadvantage of playing against millions of people, no! Which got us thinking: What multiplayer maps reign over all others?

Above: Sports nerds have been romanticizing these for years

Of all the praise heaped upon weapons, classes and XP, we couldn’t help but notice that not a lot of love goes out to the environments in which we wage warfare. The Map itself is truly the unsung hero of the multiplayer experience. Every ounce of thought that goes into balance, strategy and player longevity is sprinkled throughout every inch of ground our avatars walk, with little to no fanfare.

Harken all ye polygonal sandboxes: Your time is NOW! GamesRadar is polling our panel of experts – and yes, having a website makes us experts – to celebrate our favorite multiplayer maps across multiple platforms!