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Funko Pops are buy two, get one free on ThinkGeek for a limited time

Funko Pop mini figs are the Precious Moments of our generation. And we would know - we just published an editorial about how the same could also be said of our Steam libraries! And if you read that opinion piece, you'll know we fully support Funko Pop addiction if that's your bag.

And so it is with joy I relate to you the news the ThinkGeek is currently holding a "buy two, get one free" sale on select Funko Pop mini figs. All you need to do is choose three eligible Funko Pops from ThinkGeek's selection (sadly not all mini figs are part of the sale), proceed normally through checkout, and enter the code "OVERPOPULATED" before payment.

Get it? OverPOPulated?

Anyway, with so many mini figs to choose from, you may be overwhelmed and wondering which to add to your cart. We have a few tips for you:

1) Start small. Pick one series or theme and stick to it. I haven't (yet) devolved into collector madness because I've limited myself to Funko Pops representing characters from Blizzard games.

2) Go for style. This is more a matter of personal taste, but I find that the more extravagant and outlandish the character, the better they translate to the bobblehead look of Funko Pops. Don't get me wrong, I love Officer K from Blade Runner 2049, but in his simplified form, he's basically just a guy in a coat with a gun. Funko Pops based on cartoon characters, on the other hand, are recognizable even at a distance.

Following these examples, might we suggest the DC Bombshells line?

DC Bombshells Funko POP! figures - Buy two, get one free (with code OVERPOPULATED)

All five are available as of this writing, and that leaves gives you one complete set plus an extra Pop of your choice from any other intellectual property. Or hell, ignore our advice and get whatever you want. It's your shelves they're going on!