Funcom details Conan PvP modes

Funcom's seen fit to conjure up details on Age of Conan's PvP modes as the MMO creeps ever closer to release.

The big, big, big end-game PvP feature in the title is siege warfare, which finds guilds and players fighting for control of battlekeeps with might of arms and siege weaponry. Successful conquering of enemy-held battlekeeps and subsequent ownership rewards all members of the conquering guild with buffs and bonuses.

On top of this Funcom has created what it calls casual PvP mini-games for Age of Conan. It's offered information on two of these. In Capture the Skull, two teams are set a goal of capturing the opposition's skull as frequently as possible - so it's CTF, essentially - while Team Annihilation is basically Team Deathmatch.

And then we have drunken brawling. "You will proceed to one of the designated taverns, get drunk out of your mind, and take wild, drunken swings at friends and foes alike." We do that every Saturday night.

The developer's planning to have PvP-dedicated servers - a bit like WoW - and it notes too that PvP actually has its own levelling and advancement system that complements the regular advancement system.

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Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 31, 2008