Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw game publisher on fan requests for movie content: "Demanding we add them is not how Hollywood works"

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game's publisher wants you to know that it isn't as easy as it looks adding content from the franchise's many different movies to the game.

In a tweet, CEO of publisher Gun Interactive Wes Keltner explained that, due to the complex nature of obtaining licenses to IP rights for popular franchises, it's best not to get excited about any new characters or locations unless they're officially confirmed through Gun or developer Sumo Digital.

"We have the interactive rights to the 1974 film," Keltner said. "We can't put characters or locations in from other TX films because we don't have those rights. Demanding we add them is not how Hollywood works. Licensing in general is usually a total mess."

In a follow-up, Keltner gave a pro tip to Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans who want to see the upcoming multiplayer game adaptation add new stuff from the movies.

"Get hyped for what's there," he said. "Tell everyone you know. Post on social, retweet, and discuss the game. In my experience Hollywood reacts to buzz, not demands."

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Of course, Keltner is intimately familiar with conflicts between licensees and the holders of their respective IP rights. Back in 2018, Gun's Friday the 13th game became entangled in a legal battle between Victor Miller, the writer of the first film, and Sean Cunningham, the producer and director of the film and the current rights holder. Though there's been some resolution in the years since, Keltner and Gun have moved on to develop the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, releasing on August 18.

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