Fresh off Alan Wake 2, Remedy says it's "production ready" for the Max Payne 1+2 remakes

Max Payne
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Alan Wake 2 finally crawled out of the ocean after being stuck in a 13-year-long limbo, and developer Remedy Entertainment is now shifting its focus to its other projects: Control’s sequel, the Max Payne remakes, and other oddball games.

In the studio’s most recent financial review, CEO Tero Virtala revealed that Max Payne 1 & 2 remake has “progressed into the production readiness stage,” since the team has “gained clarity on the style and scope of the game.” The two shooter classics are being remade in one single package with the backing of Rockstar, who bought the series’ rights in 2002. 

Meanwhile, Control 2 is still in the “proof-of-concept stage,” and will stay there for “the next few [financial] quarters.” The supernatural shooter sequel will seemingly come sometime after Max Payne’s return, but fans of the Federal Bureau of Control can get another taste in Alan Wake 2’s upcoming expansion, which teases yet another crossover between the two spooky siblings

Control fans can then get their supernatural fix in Condor, the multiplayer spin-off that’s also “progressed from the proof-of-concept to the production readiness stage.” Remedy’s never developed a solely co-op project, but the team has supposedly “acquired valuable insights into developing service-based games,” and is planning to put out a game that can be played “for years.”

The final project in development (that we know of) is the mysterious Codename Vanguard, which is still in an embryonic state and has an undisclosed “publishing partner.” Progress on all four projects should be a little quicker now, as staff transitions from Alan Wake 2 to these newer games. 

Virtala doesn’t dish out any information about Alan Wake 2’s commercial performance so far, though he notes that the overwhelmingly positive reception gives the game a “strong basis for good long-term sales.” Our Alan Wake 2 review called it an “imaginative and truly ambitious sequel.” 

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