Free-to-play Monster Hunter-like Dauntless is officially out today and dropping a big update

(Image credit: Phoenix Labs)

Today, Phoenix Labs is officially launching its cross-platform action-RPG Dauntless with a 1.0 update. The free-to-play monster slaying co-op game has seen over 15 million players hunting together on PC, PS4, and Xbox One since its Early Access release - despite hours-long wait times across platforms early on as players overwhelmed the servers. The title has seen countless updates and improvements since the first alpha was launched way back in 2017, but Dauntless 1.0 is the largest one yet. See for yourself by checking out the interactive roadmap released on the official website, and watching the trailer below. 

Dauntless 1.0 brings with it a seasonal expansion, Aether Unbound, that adds a brand new weapon, a new Hunt Pass, and a bounty system. The new weapon, Aether Strikers, are less of an extension of the Slayer and more of a transformation of the Slayer themselves, allowing them to unleash rapid attacks against enemies. Aether Unbound will also add two new beasties to slay, the Dire Behemoth and Tempestborne Stormclaw, as well as a new bounty system meant to replace weekly quests. The Hunt Pass will include special challenges and in-game rewards. The update also squashes over 500 bugs. 

“Today is the celebration and culmination of the past five years of the development of Dauntless, and the amazing community of Slayers that have supported the game, provided feedback and ultimately helped us craft the experience of the Shattered Isles.” said Jesse Houston, Phoenix Labs CEO and Co-Founder in an official statement.

Dauntless is available for free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It'll arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year. Players can access their account on any platform, thanks to the game's cross-platform capabilities. 

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