Free PS3 and new look PSP up for grabs!

Sept 04 2007

TheT3 Awards celebrate all that is great and good gadgetwise, and last year's inaugural ceremony saw the Xbox 360 beat down the PSP and DS Lite to scoop Best Console. With the second approaching this autumn, those nice chaps at Sony have put a PS3 and a hotly anticipated PSP Slim %26amp; Lite up as prizes. All you have to do for achance to get your paws on either is vote in the awards. It's simple really.

This year's categories include Best Commuter Gadget, Best Download Service and Most Anticipated of 2007, but we're most excited about the Best Gadget of all time. And so should you. Because ask yourself, what was the best console of the last two generations? Unless you've been a fully fledged hermit only just reconnecting with the world we know you'll have an opinion there. Megadrive, NES, Gameboy, PS2 and DS are all fighting it out one last time - do you really want to see any of them pipped to the post by the Walkman? Didn't think so. Get voting! And while you're at it, let us know what you think of the rest.

It all culminates in an official awardsceremony in London on Oct 10, after which the winners will be notified. But that's not the end for the T3 crew, who'll be presenting the Innovation Award at this year's Golden Joysticks as well. Better dust off that Gameboy if you're ever going to make an informed decision.