Free BioShock Monopoly board takes capitalism underwater

There are thousands of official and unofficial versions of Monopoly out there, as the real estate board game has been entertaining the world and causing heated arguments for over 70 years. Today we came across what may be the best variation yet, with this unofficial though professional looking BioShock Monopoly board.

You can download it here, then print it out and place it on any flat surface or preferably a standard Monopoly board. It comes with its own set of money and blood-soaked title deeds. Unfortunately it looks like you’ll have to use standard Chance and Community Chest cards, but just read them in your best Andrew Ryan impersonation. And to really get into the spirit, be brutally uncompromising with your fellow players, and if you can, plant a hypnotic suggestion on one of your opponents. That should pay off handsomely.

Source: Kotaku

Henry Gilbert

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