Freak accident gets lucky Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player a Shiny in the weirdest way

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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player stumbled upon a Shiny Pokemon in the strangest way possible.

Just below, you can see a clip from streamer Rhymestyle, showing off a brief gameplay snippet from Pokemon Violet. The streamer propels themselves into the air with Miraidon before falling back down to Earth, and then just so happens to land smack bang on top of a Shiny Eevee.

Talk about having unreal luck. Some players stumble around Pokemon games like Scarlet and Violet for days on end just hoping to glimpse a Shiny creature out in the wild. But apparently, you can literally just fall onto one with zero planning and preparation, even when you can't actually see them spawn off-screen. 

Somewhat weirdly, Eevee is actually a really rare creature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It's oddly tough to track down the adorable creature, and Rhymestyle even notes in a follow-up tweet that this is their first time seeing an Eevee in Pokemon Violet. So this clip was actually an incredible feat for two reasons, not just the one that immediately springs to attention.

It really is that rare to stumble across a Shiny Pokemon, hence why players went nuts over the Shiny hunting picnic trick. If you aren't a Pokemon veteran but still want to keep an eye out for a Shiny creature, make note of the brief burst of stars from the wild Pokemon at the beginning of the battle. Even if you don't know the color variants, if this ever happens you'll know you've got an ultra-rare Shiny on your hands, and you want to throw everything you've got at catching it.

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