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Foxx signs on for Kane & Lynch

Will they never learn?

We’ve yet to see a bullet-proof video-game-to-film adap that doesn't resemble a big-budget pile of excrement, yet still Hollywood keeps on plugging away at the idea.

But could Kane & Lynch: Dead Men be different? Bruce Willis has already signed on to the project as Kane, a death row inmate who is sprung from jail to recover a pinched fortune. It’s a task that he must complete along with a schizophrenic killer called Lynch.

Jamie Foxx is apparently on the verge of signing on to play Lynch, which means this video game adap already has something none of the others did – Willis and Foxx, on screen together, no doubt blowing crap up and having a grand old time.

Which sounds pretty awesome. But we can’t get past the video game bit. Relatively unknown scribe Kyle Ward has written the script (he’s also signed on for Hitman 2 , God spare us). So even if this does feature a nutso Willis-Foxx action man double-act, we won’t hold our breaths.

In other casting news, Reese Witherspoon is being circled to star in a film based on blogsite, created by Ree Drummond. The story follows a city girl who falls in love with a cowboy and his countryside.

So Reese seems to be returning to her throwaway rom-coms roots (this sounds like a carbon copy of that Sweet Home Alabama dreck), which comes as a massive disappointment after her brilliant turn in Walk The Line .

Maybe Reese should get in on that Kane & Lynch action - who's that woman in the above pic? Granted it looks like an undignified part - but still a million times better than what she's already doing.

Feeling the Willis-Foxx mojo?