Forza Horizon 3 gets some cross-franchise love with the addition of the Halo Warthog

So you're not a fan of racing games. So you prefer something a bit more action-packed and fantastical. That's okay, because Forza Horizon 3 is going to give you both by way of a crossover with Halo. Yup, the Warthog will be available as a vehicle in Microsoft's upcoming racer, and all you have to do to claim one is play Halo 5 or Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Of course, it lacks the characteristic turret that Halo fans may love, but it's also a bit faster, and hey, if it's good enough to escape the Pillar of Autumn (after 30 tries) that's good enough for me. It's not just some underpowered vanity vehicle, either - according to Xbox Wire, it has the best suspension in the game.

As long as I can listen to this inspirational tune while I'm driving, I'll be satisfied. The Warthog will be available the same day that Forza Horizon 3 launches, September 27. As long as you've got Halo 5 or The Master Chief Collection in your play history, you should receive a code for the futuristic ride.

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Sam Prell

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