Fortnite gets Cammy and Guile crossover skins from Street Fighter

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Update: Fortnite has now confirmed that Street Fighter's Cammy and Guile will be entering the fray. In the tweet seen just below, the official Fortnite Twitter account confirmed the news yesterday on August 3, revealing that both Street Fighter characters would be debuting in the Fortnite Item Shop later this week on August 7.

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Original: Fortnite seems to be gearing up for another Street Fighter crossover after the now-distant arrival of Chun-Li and Ryu, but fans aren't sure who's up next. 

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A tweet from the game's official account teased two new characters, and based on the timeline of the previous Street Fighter characters, they'll likely be added shortly after their reveal. The attached image shows a flight path for the Fortnite bus heading straight through the central United States, over the Atlantic, and into the USSR. A full 16 Street Fighter characters, including the already released Ryu and Chun-Li, are also pictured, but that feels like more of a red herring than anything.

There's some pretty clear overlap with Russia and the USSR here, and this has led many fans to speculate that Russian fighters like Zangief could be coming soon. Lesser-known Russian fighters such as Necro and Decapre could technically be possible too, but Zangief feels like the best-known fighter of the three.

Much the same could be said of Guile and Balrog, two of the most prominent fighters from the USA, which is also smack in the middle of the teased flight path. Of course, a lot of Street Fighter characters hail from the United states, but Guile and Balrog are both pretty solid picks, in part because they both appeared in Street Fighter 5, the latest mainline installment in the series. Granted, you could say that about a few other characters as well. 

We'll have to settle for speculation for now, but we'll likely have an official reveal soon enough – as early as this evening, if the latest rumors (opens in new tab) are to be believed. 

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