Flying high with Revolution

Wednesday 19 April 2006
Japanese developer Hudson Entertainment will be including a flight game for Revolution in its line-up for this year's E3.

The game is currently being referred to as 'Flight Game' and will allow players to control planes using the 'gesture function' of the Revolution controller, then take planes through stunt sequences and bombing runs.

Also in its line-up for E3 is another Bomberman game called Act Zero, which will be released for Xbox 360, and an update of the Dungeon Explorer, an RPG which was originally was released for the TurboGrafx console - a machine that had limited release in the UK in the early '90s.

Dungeon Explorer will be released for Xbox 360 and PSP and will try to capture the spirit of the original game while expanding on the multiplayer aspects. The 360 version will be fully supported online while the PSP version will have a four-player WiFi option.

Lastly, we just have to mention one of the mobile games Hudson will be exhibiting at E3 - Bob Marley Burnin. It's a football game that comprises of a collection of minigames and then a trivia quiz about the reggae legend. If there's a more fitting tribute to the work of the great man, we can't think of one.