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Fly Warhawk's unfriendly skies

Friday 13 October 2006
A newly remixed trailer of PS3 shooter Warhawk - featuring a mash-up of old and new footage, and looking very nice indeed - has been released. Just click the movies tab above for your fill.

Above: While we would've liked to see Warhawk at PS3 launch, the extra development time should help polish up its huge gameworld

Cruelly delayed (now there's something you don't expect to hear in the same sentence as 'PS3') until next year, we had a lot of fun with Warhawk's multiplayer at the Tokyo Game Show. Keep your eyes peeled for the multiplayer footage in the trailer where one player's rocket launcher reduces a passing Warhawk to a spray of beautifully burning wreckage.

Expect a lot more on Warhawk after PS3's US and Japanese launches in November.