FlatOut PSP - first screens

Nov 1, 2007

The FlatOut series will be making its debut on a handheld platform next year when FlatOut: Head On is released exclusively for PSP.

We were all about the rag doll physics-based stunt games in the Xbox version of the game. You had to launch your driver through the windscreen of your car at high speeds to hit a range of wacky targets - what's not to like about that?

These 'rag-doll Olympics' - as they're known among fans - will also be featured in full in the portable version.

A total of 40 cars and nine gameplay options (including Career, Carnage and Death Match Derby modes) will also be crammed onto the little UMD.

"Early 2008" is as specific as Empire could be with the release, but we've got the first screenshere.

Courtesy of CVG