F**k Halo 3!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Out Nov | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
As Medal of Honor attempts to reinvent WWII gameplay, Call of Duty leaves the past behind for a more high-tech dose of lethal action. Set in tumultuous modern times, anyone who's played the recent multiplayer Beta can go on for hours about the hugely satisfying weaponry, brilliantly solid feel to the action and the gritty, compelling visuals. This is something special.

Out Nov | PC
For over a year now we've been consistently amazed and staggered by Crysis' looks, ambition and scope - not to mention intimidated by the inevitably nuclear-level demands on PC hardware. Still, this is the very definition of next-gen gameplay and development, and you'll need some next-gen tech to get the most from Crytek's actioner.

Mass Effect
Out Nov | Xbox 360
Easily the game that's kept Xbox 360 gamers without a Halo-obsession most excited is Bioware's epic space opera. Evoking memories of Elite andKnights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect must surely be top of the must buy list for anyone seeking a gripping, hugely varied adventure with canyon-esque depth.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Out Nov | PlayStation 3
The interstellar duo have long been one of PS2's sharpest and hottest offerings, and with Ratchet & Clank's first step into next-gen territory you can expect nothing but the best of what's come before, ramped all the way up to 11. Could Insomniac's super adventure be the killer title PS3 is waiting for? All signs point to "Yes".

Super Mario Galaxy
Out Nov | Nintendo Wii
You know what to expect from Mario - instant enjoyment, twitch gaming happiness and a solid, compelling world of bright colours and challenges both animate and environmental. What you don't expect is for it all to be completely reinvented for Wii, complete with inter-space hopping, new Mario suits and ludicrously exciting puzzles and trials. We're not sure if we can survive the wait.

Ben Richardson is a former Staff Writer for Official PlayStation 2 magazine and a former Content Editor of GamesRadar+. In the years since Ben left GR, he has worked as a columnist, communications officer, charity coach, and podcast host – but we still look back to his news stories from time to time, they are a window into a different era of video games.