Five reasons you suck if you don't play Okami

1. Okami can’t exist without you
We say we want original titles with interesting premises and plots. We say we need a change from the bleak war torn settings we’ve seen regurgitated ad nausea. We say we want a game that will give us our money’s worth and will keep us entertained for twice as long. And yet, soon after Okami released on the PS2 it was quickly forgotten and developer, Clover Studios was dissolved (opens in new tab).

The best reason why you should pick up Okami is that games like Okami can’t exist without you. If we don’t support games that break away from the beaten path and succeed, we’ll have nothing but more sequels and recycled games based on past financial successes. Yes, we want to play Gears of War 2, StarCraft II and GTA IV. But without surprises like Okami to mix things up every once in a while, the world of gaming will become as predicable and dull as the next Dynasty Warriors.

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Mar 26, 2008