Five reasons you suck if you don't play Okami

3. Okami doesn’t leave you out of the picture
But nothing short of playing Okami will do its visuals justice. It’s one thing for a game to have a unique art style. But once Okami draws you in with its mesmerizing visuals, you’ll find that its original look is complemented nicely by its clever control scheme, which lets you interact with the living paintings that surround you.

As the sun god, Amaterasu, you’ll use the powers of the Celestial Brush to add color to its bleak landscapes. Slashing enemies, drawing sunlight and painting leaves and flowers over empty branches may sound like a cheap gimmick, but it never feels that way in Okami. Instead, playing Okami feels like experiencing art in motion as landscapes burst with vivid colors, thanks to your stylized brush strokes.

Above: Talking seriously about games as art usually makes you sound rather pathetic - unless you’re talking about games like Okami of course

2. Okami doesn’t cut any corners on content
You won’t be able to breeze through Okami over the weekend. In fact, you should expect to spend between 60 to 80 hours finishing this epic adventure. But you shouldn’t expect quests to get tiresome as you near its end.

Okami constantly manages to find a way to keep things fresh. You’re always learning new techniques and every time you think you’ve seen it all, Okami tosses some insanely creative level at you. Boss fights that take place in someone’s stomach and majestic castles that stretch into the sky are just a few examples of the unusual surprises you’ll find during your journey.