Five possible locations revealed for E3 2008

Following the new-look E3 in Santa Monica last week, which included a lot of walking between hotels and shuttle bus catching, the E3 Summit Management is asking participants to fill in a survey about the event.

Most of the questions are about whether or not you had ample chance to fill your business boots and get things done, but there are a few general ones about the format and location of the show.

"Of the following options, in what city would you most like to see the next Summit held?" asks Summit Management. There was a lot of talk at the event that 2008's E3 (if it lasts that long) should be held in one massive hotel in Las Vegas; plenty of room to move without having to walk far and catch buses. The options given were:

  • San Francisco
  • LA
  • Laguna Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • San Diego

Looks like Las Vegas isn't even a contender city, which is for the best as many attendees would probably get too excited and go "missing" in the desert. And you can't put "that" on expenses.

The survey also asked if we'd like to see the Summit held in multiple hotels (like it was this year) or in a convention-center or larger facility setting. We opted for a "larger facility setting." Not that we have anything against walking...

July 18, 2007