Five Games That'll Break Your PC

To stand against the onslaught of new consoles, PC developers have cranked up the juice on approaching new software, and the power surge will likely give your rig a shiner if you aren't prepared. Here are the games and the hardware fixes to make sure you are fully-equipped for all of the PC goodness to come.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion more
What It Will Break: Your puny CD-ROM drive

Yes, finally getting your mitts on the next chapter of the Elder Scrolls story is like catching a mythical unicorn in the wild. We know you want to run right home from the store and begin your epic adventure in Oblivion on March 20, but this game will only be available on DVD. The developers say we'll need over 4.6GB of space on our hard drives to run it. If Oblivion came on CD, that would be seven discs. If you still only have a CD-ROM drive, we think that this game is the best reason to jump into the next generation of optical media (even if you are really, really late to the party).

Already equipped with a DVD-ROM? Consider a comfy, new chair; it's a 100+ hour game. Our asses already hurt ... in a good way.

We Recommend: Plextor's PX-740A DVD burner lets you read and write DVD discs, and the $79.99 price tag doesn't hurt much at all.