Five Games That'll Break Your PC

Auto Assaultmore
What It Will Break: Your crackling headset microphone

How many die-hard World of Warcraft, EverQuest or Guild Wars players feel ready for a little vacation away from fantasy hack-and-slash? Coming this April, the massively-multiplayer post-apocalyptic car-P-G Auto Assault might be the perfect getaway. Built for speed but also for team play, Auto Assault makes it simple to grab a bunch of buddies and form raiding parties, called Convoys. You can stay connected via a private voice chat, but only if you ditch that freebie headset that came with your system. A quality headset goes a long way to helping your friends understand if you need serious help or just have a flat tire. Plus, you can pretend you are Miss Cleo in-between battles. If you want.

Headset quality can vary wildly, but we like the value of the Plantronics and Logitech combined headset and mics with USB connectors. They rock, and the ability to plant the mic boom just right lets you come in loud and clear.

We Recommend: Try the new breed of USB headsets - either the Logitech USB Headset 350 ($39.99) or Plantronics GameCom PRO1 w/USB ($49.99) will keep you coming through loud and clear.