Five 360 accessories by December

Last week, Microsoft gave us a peek at some of thenewest accessories and peripheralscoming out for Xbox 360. Today, prices and dates were announced for everything they showed... well, almost.

First up will be the Xbox Live Vision digital camera, which ships officially September 19, although some stores accidentally put the unit on shelves this past week. Oops. Eventually, everyone will be able to pay $39.99 for the Vision, a headset, a month's worth of Xbox Live Gold access and a code redeemable for the camera-enabled Arcade hit UNO. If you'd like all that plus a full year at the Gold tier, the Xbox Live Arcade version of Robotron: 2084 and 200 Microsoft points, make it $79.99. Unfortunately, there's no way to buy the camera without the headset or UNO, but hey - pass them on to friends.

InNovember, you'll want to replace that headset anyway with the snazzy Wireless Gaming Headset ($59.99), which promises better sound quality as well as the dismissal of that annoying cord. Racing fans will finally be able to peel out in Project Gotham Racing 3 with the Wireless Racing Wheel ($149.99) around the same time; the wheel comes with matching foot pedals, attachments for resting the wheel onyour lap or clamping it to a desk, and a fresh copy of PGR3 optimized for force feedback. If that's a little out of your price range, why not just decorate your 360 with a Forza Motorsport 2, Viva Pinata or Halo faceplate; they all ship in November for just $19.99 each. We love the Halo design - no glaring logo, just Master Chief and a slick tech-oriented blue background.

December brings the Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows ($19.99), which lets you use all your cordless 360 controllers and accessories with your PC if you'd like, but the controversial HD-DVD drive is still without a release date or a firm price. Microsoft confirms that it's on the way (they showed us the shell last week) but won't discuss the timing or cost just yet. Feel free to place your bets on a 2007 calendar and save your pennies in the meantime.

Check out ourearlier articlefor more hands-on detail on all these accessories. Please do not lick the screen.

August 24, 2006