First World in Conflict 360 screens

RTS World in Conflict on Xbox 360 is scheduled to release this autumn, and we're getting a first look at the console iteration in these six screenshots.

WiC on 360 is being developed by Sierra's internal studio Swordfish Studios in conjunction with Massive Entertainment (developer of the PC version), both ensuring the gameplay is optimized for the console's controller and also implementing a new heads-up-display that suits the platform.

The RTS features a fictional Cold War scenario penned by cold-war fiction scribe Larry Bond. It's 1989 and Soviet forces have not only advanced into Europe but have also launched a surprise attack on the US of A.

You assume the role of a military commander tasked with repelling the Soviet assault, waging war on US soil, in Europe and eventually the Soviet Union itself.

Al Simone, senior vice president of global marketing, Sierra Entertainment, describes World in Conflict as "the natural fit for Xbox 360, as it effectively blurs the lines between strategy, action and first-person shooter, making controlling units and issuing orders quick and easy on the console controller."

Check out all the screenshots by clickinghere (opens in new tab).

June 22, 2007