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First Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack review!

A couple of days back we pointed you to 30-second clips of all the tracks that Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O has recorded for the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack .

Now, in a bit of a scoop, we’ve listened to the whole shebang and can rather excitedly slap a five star rating on it.

Or – for music geeks – the tunes the singer played live with Native Korean Rock a couple of summers back.

All Is Love you may have heard – a bird-chirp blast of youthful adrenaline ideal as backing for a kid running around a field with fluffy things in a Spike Jonze film. Score!

From YYYs songs Maps to Hysteric, everyone’s always got a bit gooey when Karen’s gone ballad, so better still with The Kids are Worried Shoes and Hideaway.

With the former’s “I took my lucky break and I broke it in two” lyric lushly, lovingly sung and the latter building to a slow, yearning glockenspiel epiphany, we’re starting a campaign for the full band to give both tracks a blast come their December UK gigs.

Off the back of the brilliant It’s Blitz earlier this year, it’s like fans have been gifted another Yeah Yeah Yeahs album just for kicks.

And even if Heads Up and Sailing Home go a tad Elmo, you’ve got to remember it’s a sodding kid’s film after all and Warners probably don’t want Karen to yelp “Boy you just a stupid bitch and girl you just a no good dick” like she did on Black Tongue back in 2003.

Throw some beautiful, harmonica, piano, humming and acoustic guitar instrumentals (Lost Fur, Food Is Still Hot) into the mix and this is as much a soundtrack to, er, soundtrack lazy Sunday mornings as it is the perfect match for one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Also, never forget that O stepped out with Jonze for a bit... Little awkward.

Now go listen to those snippets, see our pics and you’ll get a pretty good idea of how this film’s going to mesh together.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, or No No No? Give us your thoughts on the soundtrack...