First trailer from LEGO MMO

The first trailer from LEGO Universe, the brick-powered MMO in development at NetDevil, has hit the internet.

Running for a minute and a half, the trailer -viewable here (opens in new tab)- shows the Workshop, where a racing car is constructed, the LEGO City where you can spot a homage to King Kong in the background and finally the Darkling Battle, where a LEGO man with a sword fights a darkling with a massive two-handed hammer.

LEGO Universe was first revealed in March this year and is due to release at the end of 2008. It's described as a "fully-featured MMO" and has character advancement. NetDevil explains thatyou will be able to "customize your mini-figs and interact in the universe as any character you choose, providing unique opportunities for players to expand and explore with their creations."

June 25, 2007