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First Pokemon Black/White screens appear in the wild

Just as we were trying desperately to finish HeartGold this weekend – but Red’s level 88 Pikachu is a bitch – the first screens for the just announced fifth generation of Pokemon games leaked on the internet. The images seem to originate from CoroCoro, a manga publication in Japan that routinely gets huge Poke reveals, including announcing the nameBlack and Whiteand revealing the earliest fifth gen Pokemons,Zorua and Zoroark. And this most recent announcement was quickly scanned by perhaps the most hardcore Poke site there is,, which we pass along to you now.

Above: If we had to guess, this looks like the main character's home town

Above: The old Poke Center looks good from this angle

Above: For the first time the scale of the buildings can really be taken in

Above:The new battle screen with the only two announced guys scrapping

Overall, the graphics are looking like a step up for the games, but not mind-blowing, though the insanely addictive series was never known for incredible graphics. However, this change in camera placement is pretty fresh, bringing it down from the classic overhead view the series has always featured and making the world appear in three dimensions. If you want to see the rest of what got,click here.

And so ends step two of a very long process of gradually releasing news on the Pokemon Black/White. We expect this dribble of info to continue for months, we just hope they let us know at least what the starter Pokes are sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we’ll be leveling up our Dragonite to hopefully drop that punk Pikachu.

Apr 12, 2010

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