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Pokemon Black & White? We've got a better idea

Secondly, it's called Pokemon Black & White. We appreciate Pokemon games rarely offer anything really new, but after exhausting all the colours of the rainbow, the Black/White name brings one thing to mind. Game Boy.

Above: The original game Boy version of Pokemon was colourless

Obviously the new games won't be monochrome, but that's what the names conjure up in our minds.

So we've got the perfect naming solution that solves both of the above problems. Basically, you'd have two colour-related namesas per usual, only DS would get one version and 3DS the other. So you could have Pokemon Rainbow on DS and Pokemon Hologram for 3DS, with cross-platform trading and battling. Imagine that.

Above: Pokemon Rainbow and Pokemon Hologram - NOT coming to DS and 3DS this holiday season. Pity, eh?

What do you think about Pokemon Black/ White? Is the whole colour system getting old? Time for Pokemon 2? And does anybody need another DS Pokemon game?

09 Apr, 2010

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